Sex Flesh Bang Me Bonnie 3D Love Doll

Sex Flesh Bang Me Bonnie 3D Love Doll

The Sex Flesh Bang Me Bonnie 3D love doll is an almost life sized love doll, with realistic textured skin to give you a full sexual experience.


This exciting love doll is described to be 4/5ths of actual size and feels just like the real thing. It has luscious, full breasts which move and jiggle just like the real things. This love doll is firm and solid with realistic density, so you can pound on Bonnie as hard as you wish and she will accept everything that you give to her. The Bonnie Love Doll has a tight vagina to accept your member, or you can flip her over if you wish to take her from behind.


This Love Doll is smooth to stroke with flawless skin and she is always read and waiting for you if you are in the mood. The love doll has a full 3D molded design so you can position her in almost any way you wish. Bonnie is the perfect partner when you demand satisfaction, any time of day or night. She is 18 inches in length, 10 inches wide and 6 inches in depth.


For those who have not experienced a love doll before, for the most pleasurable experience, you will need to take time to warm up her bottom end (via placing this object in a sink of hot water), and then apply plenty of lube. The more lube the better … as these holes are very tight indeed, but you may find that she can satisfy very quickly. Some people may find it off putting that this doll features only the torso, but that can be a benefit when you are looking to store this item discretely. This is a good product for the price and full love dolls can run into the thousands of pounds, so this will give you a very enjoyable experience for must less money.


This is a great product and can be purchased from the “Sex Toys > Toys for Him > Love Dolls” section.

Sex Flesh Bang Me Bonnie 3D Love Doll
Smoochy Sex Flesh Bang Me Bonnie 3D Love Doll
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