Tantric Orgasm for Women

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Extended orgasms strengthen rapport in relationships, physically rejuvenate the body and boost mental health. Unfortunately, prevailing sexual attitudes in the West work against the natural capacity for women to experience prolonged orgasm. For women who wish to know ecstatic bliss within their own bodies, Tantric Orgasm For Women offers knowledge and techniques from the sensually cultivated traditions of the East. Writing from the female perspective, author Diana Richardson explores the critical role receptive female energy plays in allowing orgasmic states to arise and be prolonged in both men and women. She provides a basic understanding of the sexual female body and how its various parts may be activated to excite, relax and deepen ecstatic states. Based on 20 years of research and personal experience, Tantric Orgasm For Women shows how women can exert a powerful influence on their sexual experiences if they understand more about how their bodies work and avoid adopting conventional ideas about what should be satisfying to them. Readers will learn which positions and techniques create prolonged orgasmic states, how to recirculate orgasmic energy through the body, and why breast stimulation takes priority over vagina attention. The author explains how to avoid the over-emphasis on clitoral excitement that can lead to premature male ejaculation and how to strengthen the erection response of male partners.
Mint Condition
Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon
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