Juggling Boobs (pack of 2)


Product Description

JUGGLING BOOBS – Stress Reliever!

Get a Breast of your stress! Or have the most hilarious juggling instruments!

These Juggling Boobs come as two in a pack and can either be used to relieve your stress or to juggle with instead of conventional balls.

The boobs are made from a soft rubbery latex material which is both flexible and pleasurable to touch!

These stress reliever boobs are skin colour and look exactly like a lovely pair of boobs…

Perfect present for a friend or colleague who needs a bit of stress relieving!

The juggling boobs come packaged in the hilarious colour box as seen in the picture which makes this a fantastic little gift!

Really Good Jugglers need 2 packs!

Size in box: 16 x 8 x 7cm

Size of each boob stress reliever: 7cm Diameter


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