Love Heart Sweets

Love Heart Sweets

Everyone enjoys Love Heart Sweets, the little sherbet round sweets with the messages printed into them. They have been around for years and are loved by adults and children alike.


If you have a sweet tooth then they are probably a family favourite already. But you can also buy them to spice up your fun in the bedroom and add a few giggles to your private time.


Why not buy some Love Heart Sweets for your favourite person and give them lots of little treats? You could always have a fun evening following some of little love messages, seeing what sort of games you can get up to, or why not use them as a reward for “good behaviour”. Love Heart Sweets can add fun and laughter to your love life or if you are just having an off day then you have something else to nibble. Love Heart Sweets come in a selection of different pack numbers, so you can choose if you want only a small amount of them or if you want to bulk buy. Love Heart Sweets don’t just have to be for the children.


These are a classic British sweet and can be enjoyed any time. There is a distinct taste for each of the colours, so if you have a favourite, why not try swapping those you do not like as much with your partner, or wait until the lights are off and then sneakily feed them in the dark!


Love Heart Sweets are tasty and can be purchased from the “Gifts & Games > Edible Gifts” section.

Love Heart Sweets
Smoochy Love Heart Sweets
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