ANDVARI 18 Speed Rechargeable Wireless Wand Massager

ANDVARI 18 Speed Rechargeable Wireless Wand Massager

The ANDVARI Wireless Wand Massager is an ultra-quiet therapeutic magic wand with 18 different vibration modes which will deliver the most relaxing massage. As a rechargeable wand , it uses USB for charging and then can be used with cordless/wireless operation. It can be simply charged and then you can enjoy many hours of use wherever you are, even in the bath or shower as it is 100% waterproof.

The super quiet motor with 10 speeds and 8 powerful vibration settings means that with this wand massager,  there are plenty of options to suit every taste and you can always find just the right setting for your needs to help completely relax.
The ANDVARI Wand Massager lasts for many hours with just one charge from the supplied USB cable and has a very smooth texture which is soft on the skin.

The ANDVARI Wand Massager is known for being extremely powerful, so much so, that it make take some time to get used to the higher speed settings.  AS it is so powerful, it can sometimes be a little noisy but this is a minor point. The ANDVARI Wand Massager is made from body safe Silicone which provides relief to sore muscles ensuring just the right amount of pressure is applied for the ultimate relaxing experience, but do be careful and if you are using a lubricant, ensure it is a silicone safe one otherwise it could case damage to the wand massager.


This is a great product and can be purchased from the “Sex Toys > Toys for Her > Wands” section.

ANDVARI 18 Speed Rechargeable Wireless Wand Massager
Smoochy ANDVARI 18 Speed Rechargeable Wireless Wand Massager
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