Welcome to Smoochy, a great new way to find out about adult clothing, toys and essentials to help enhance your private life with that special person. By following Smoochy, we hope to bring new and exciting products to your attention and give you the "low down" on what works! 

We work in partnership with Amazon so that only products that have been recommended or have a great rating by those who have purchased them make it onto Smoochy .This way we can ensure that you get a quality product every time you shop with us. There is no need to trawl through pages of products picking out those that are good o bad, we have done that for you.

We feel that the adult market is hidden and its now time for us to bring it into the mainstream and show that there is nothing to feel embarrassed or shy about. If you want to spice your life up or want to try something new, then Smoochy is the place to find the latest products or something unusual.

We use Amazon for all our payments and shipping so that you can shop with safety and get your products delivered to your door on time and discreetly. 

Thanks for visiting Smoochy and we hope it brings you a lot more "smooches" with your loved one!

Our Values

We only sell products that pass our quality standards. Our standards range from good manufacturing to quality materials. Customer feedback is essential to continue offering only the best products.
All our products must receive at least above average feedback at Amazon UK before they will be included in our inventory at Smoochy. If we detect a product has received less than average ratings then it will be removed from sale by us.
We are always looking for new and original products to bring to our customers attention. We want Smoochy to be the place to visit when your looking for something new and fun to use with you partner. Our Features highlight some of the original items we come across and is a great place to start perusing.
Customer service is extremely important to us as it is what sets us apart from our competitors. No matter whether you have received excellent or poor service, we would love to to hear from you.
Have you bought one of our products? Why not review it on our website? Customer reviews are valuable to everyone as it gives an insight into the products and what our customers think of them. This helps ensure we only sell the best products available.

What our customers say…

Dan and Edward

We love this site. Loads of different things for sale and great prices too.


Great website, loads of products and really good service. I keep coming back for more.

Samantha and Joe

Smoochy is a great website. Not only we find it easy to search and look at many different and interesting products, we know it also offers great pricing, safe payments and fast delivery via Amazon. It's perfect.


Just brilliant. Beats Ann Summers hands down.

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