Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube

Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube

Durex are one of the leading brands in providing gels,  condoms and lubricants and their Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube is another exciting product in their range. There is a variety of different flavours to suit all tastes, quite literally, and can be used to enhance your love life or alongside a toy. As they are water based gels they can be used with vibrators and toys without fear of damage.


Most couples use some some of lubricant either to help make things run smoother or just for a different experience in the bedroom. Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube is soft, smooth and silky and is gentle enough to be used all over the body as well as intimate areas. It’s also non greasy and fragrance free, although you may find that it can be a little sticky compared to silicone lubricants.

The specially designed bottle also has a unique massage applicator for further enhanced experience. Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube is best stored in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight and should be used within three months of opening.


These gels can be used to give your partner a stimulating or relaxing massage and are safe to use all over the body and safe to consume. The only thing we wouldn’t recommend is using a tingling lubricant for anal sex as some people can experience slightly stronger sensations than others.


If you fancy trying Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube for the first time, simply squeeze a little lubricant onto your fingertips and gently rub over your intimate areas. Lubricant can be used with or without a condom, either when it is already on or before. Just take care not to use too much before you put the condom on, otherwise it may slip off during sex. You can always apply more if you need it. You may enjoy more sliding fun than you ever have done before but just be careful not to drop any on the floor in case you slip over on it during of after your passionate times.


Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube is a great product and can be purchased from the “Playtime > Massage Oils” section.

Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube
Smoochy Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lube
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